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Complimentary 45 minutes Live sale on FB @thegudestorehouse

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Welcome back and thanks for snagging your spot for the 2 hour pro live sale!

For a limited time, each reservation purchase of 2 hour pro live comes with a free 45-minute mini live sale, but you'll need a special code (sent via email after purchasing the 2 hour pro) to unlock the deal.

***Now until further notice all 2 hour pro live sale reservations include a complimentary  45 minutes mini live sale. This live sale is to be scheduled after the 2 hour pro live sale***

Scheduling complementary 45minutes requires a custom code emailed to seller after the purchase of 2 hour pro live sale. 

During this reservation you will log on 5 minutes prior to your scheduled live sale to:

  • Greet Customers
  • Share your live sale to your personal page
  • Share your live sale to you business page
  • Tag friends in the comments
  • Review "how to shop" with customers. Share your invoicing and payment methods, where you will be shipping from, flat rate shipping or based on weight and location? When Invoices are due and timeframe in which you ship items from time of payment and any other information you want your shoppers to know.
  • Pin your comment with: Claim word and @yourbusinesspage (example) name so customers like and follow your page and asking your customers to send you a #New dm to your FB business page.  Pinning your comment with this information is very important as you are responsible for your own customer service after the live. Having them send a #newshopper dm opens up that chat in your business page so that you can reach out if needed.  


  • You must like and follow the platform @thegudestorehouse on FB
  • Must also send #newseller dm @thegudestorehouse on FB 
  • Must have your own bot for live sale
  • Must log on and off on time according to your reservation
  • Upon completing this reservation you agree to send a photo of yourself for the promotion of your live sale. That photo is to be emailed to shop@thegudestorehouse.com within 24 hours of scheduling reservation. Along with the following info , Type of items your live will feature, payment methods, your FB business page name, your personal FB page name and anything else your want your custom flyer to showcase. 
  • Final Sale. No refunds. No exceptions. 
  • Rescheduling of a live sale will be subject to a $10 fee
  • Your Custom flyer will be posted 2 times. One time by itself so you can share this to your personal and business profile and promote your live with your customers.  The second time it will be posted will be for the days line up along with other sellers custom flyer.
  • You are welcome to chat with customers within the comments of these 2 post to help with algorithm. For example: "Hey everyone, my name is _____ cant wait to see you on my live sale today at _____" Posting a photo of 1 or 2 items as a sneak peak is also encouraged. 

During you live sale:

  • Please note that sales are not guaranteed. This is a way to showcase items and cultivate a customer base. Excellent customer service is a must. This live sale must be a pleasant shopping experience for the customer from start to finish. Your back-round must be neat and seller must have a professional appearance. 
  • Your live sale must have good lighting. 
  • During the live sale please keep an eye on the live comments to be careful not to miss any customer comments or questions.
  • No profanity
  • Have fun and be engaging with your customers. 
  • Items allowed on live sale: All woman new or preloved- Clothing, bags, purses, wallets, scarves, hats, and all styles of shoes 
  • Items not allowed on live sale: Inspired items,  jewelry of any kind or makeup.
  • Music during live sale: Instrumental low volume music is allowed during live sale to help with ambiance. *Low volume meaning just loud enough for you (the seller) to hear it and for live viewer to just hear a light background sound.  
  • This growing page/platform pride


By completing this reservation you agree to have read and understand all above guidelines. 

For a limited time all 2 hour pro live sale include a complementary 45 minute mini live sale.